Pandyan Grama Bank Officers’ Association
(Affiliated to All India Regional Rural bank Officers’ Federation –
a wing of All India Bank Officers’ Confederation)

Pandyan Grama Bank is a scheduled bank in the Public Sector in India under Regional Rural Banks’ Act 1976.  The bank was established on 9th May 1977 with Head Quarters at Sattur, subsequently shifted to Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu state in South India.  The paid up share capital of the bank is Rs. 1 crore and it is held by Government of India (50%), Government of Tamil Nadu (15%) and the Sponsor Bank – Indian Overseas Bank (35%).  Indian Overseas Bank, a leading public sector bank, provides management expertise.

Pandyan Grama Bank operates in 15 districts with 213 branches, 5 Regional Offices with a staff strength of 985, which includes 496 officers.

Pandyan Grama Bank Officers’ Association (PGBOA) registered under Trade union Act 1925 represents the interest and welfare of the officers of PGB, the supervisory cadres of whom range from Junior Management Grade-I to Senior Management Grade-IV.

PGBOA is a non political organization affiliated to All India Regional Rural bank Officers’ Federation (AIRRBOF) – a wing of All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC).

PGBOA is led by the leaders and functionaries who are duly elected by the officer members biennially.  The President is the presiding functionary and the General Secretary is the Head as Operational Functionary.  Besides Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer who look after the Treasury, the Executive Committee comprises of 2 Vice Presidents, 2 Assistant General Secretaries and 7 Executive Committee members.  The Executive Committee meeting is being convened every month.

PGBOA is affiliated to Apex body – All India Regional Rural Bank Officers’ Federation, a non political organization.  AIRRBOF is the only organization of the officers in 82 Regional Rural Banks.  The officers are playing key role in the pioneering work of the Bank.  
82 RRBs employed 26,102 officers, 26,263 clerical and 15,693 subordinate staff making it a total of 68,058.  Officers in RRBs have to undertake unlike the commercial banks, all kinds of work to keep the wheels of development moving.

AIRRBOF is run by officers working in RRBs.  The Central Office of AIRRBOF is located at the city of Siliguri (West Bengal), the gateway to the North East.  The Federation is run by its Central council meeting every 3 years, Central Committee meeting atleast once in 6 months.  The organizational structure consists of Central Office, State Units and Affiliates.

AIRRBOF believes in continuous education of its membership towards the development of the banks.  The spectacular performance of RRBs, in the recent past, could only be accomplished by the total involvement of Federation and its membership.  AIRRBOF is a true visionary.  The Federation is developing its leadership not only in age old tools but also in 21st century specific Information Technology coping up with upto date modern banking environment.  AIRRBOF believes in democratic principles, participative management and harmonious industrial relations.  It is a negotiating body holding talks with Ministry of Finance and NABARD dealing with the service conditions and welfare of the officers of all the RRBs.  Again AIRRBOF is a wing of All India Bank Officers’ Confederation commanding membership of over 2 lakh officers with an overwhelming majority in the banking industry.  AIBOC encompasses public sector, private sector, regional rural banks and cooperative banks.  It has affiliates in all banks in public sector and 10 banks in private sector.  Officers’ organizations in 2 state level cooperative banks, regional rural banks and 4 other financial institutions are also affiliated to AIBOC.

In order to accelerate the pace of consolidation, separate federations have been set up for officers of private sector, cooperative sector and regional rural banks under the banner of AIBOC.  Likewise, AIBOC has set up state units in all states and union territories.  These units have in turn, set up district units all over the country.  AIBOC has acted as a catalyst in forging unity of bank work force (employees & officers) and informing United Forum of Bank Unions in 1997, comprising of all Bank Employees’ Unions and Officers’ Organizations.  



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Our PGBOA-CARE (Contributory Assistance on Retirement and in Emergency) Scheme was conceived with lofty, noble ideals to extend a helping hand offering much needed succour particularly in times of distress. The Scheme was conceived and implemented in 1996. The Scheme also envisages a token benefit at the time of retirement/death.


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